I’m a middle-aged man (he/him) living in Oakland, California with a wife and two kids. I have a day job, but have been a lifelong consumer of comic books, fantasy fiction, and pretty much anything related to super heroes. I’ve also played tabletop role-playing games since middle school, from Dungeons & Dragons to Champions to most recently Pathfinder 2E.

Twenty years ago, I self-published a fantasy novel called “Birthright” (it’s bad… please don’t read it). Since then, I’ve written several short stories for Magic: the Gathering (where I also wrote a weekly column for years). I have fourteen unfinished novels on my hard drive. Whenever I get a significant break from work, I tend to pick up one of these story ideas and tinker. All of these not-yet-novels involve superheroes of some kind.

This blog is a place to post short fiction pieces — either warm-ups to my novels or just side forays to keep me limber. I doubt that my posts here will be regular or consistent in theme, but I do like having a place to keep them.

I hope, if somehow you’ve stumbled your way here, that you find yourself entertained.

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